Monday, January 1, 2018

New year resolution-2018

Need is limited .Want is unlimited.
My new year resolution is to be less distracted by 'greed of abundance '.
To prefer people over materialistic things which lose their charm soon after you get them.( a hot cup of tea is an exception)
To smile more and grudge less.
More water.Less sugar.
Give benefit of the doubt more often.Judge less.
To stay in touch with people who matter.
More forgiveness.Less regrets.
I am already wanting so much.May be this is what I need.
Less things.More people.Yes!
#newyear #resolution #forgive #wantLess #loveMore

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Get rid of toxins

indifference, rejections.

These are all toxins. They poison your soul. They limit you. They drain you.
Wash these toxins away. Get rid of them on daily basis. Be happy.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Opt to heal

Everything  has to go.

Letting go does not mean giving up or losing.It is acceptance.
Acceptance of reality is hard but it is an option and healing starts when you opt to.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Ego  is treacherous. It deceives you  into thinking that you are In control.. It gives you the feeling of pride and being superior in exchange of  precious moments and emotions of loved ones.

It feeds on anger and pride.
It  wastes moments which could have been turned into sweet memories.

It eats you up silently.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

bury that ego (reminisces from Madina)

Offering nimaz- e- janaza five times a day is enough
to keep our feet on the ground..
To bury our egos....
To forget our differences .

And foremost to remind ourselves to Whom we belong..and to whom we should return!
To spread only probably its the only thing that would remain.


Appreciating what we have(reminisces of our hajj)

From air conditioned rooms of aziziah to cushioned tents of Mina ..then to the only carpeted tents of arafat..and then finally sleeping under the open sky in Muzdalfah.

At every single place we thought..'would we able to sleep here..and every single time that we proceeded to next place ..we realized we had so much comfort at the previous place.

We do take things for granted. The blessings, comfort ,health, family,friends.Probably we do not realize their worth until they are no more.
After the five days of Hajj , you do learn the art of being content and grateful. Appreciate people, comfort ,love and gifts you have in present. (P.s. Be it a simple tent or open thing was though common at each of the place .....'a sound sleep'!)

beating hate and hatred

As you walk to long stretches in scorching heat for your pilgrimage, you can see after every few steps.. people in uniforms, volunteers ,teenagers and even school children..ready to sprinkle water over you to beat the heat .They defeat heat along with hatred.They spread love ,kindness and lots of smiles.

While focussing on non-issues ,we frequently tangle ourselves in the differences.

We forget these lines from the last sermon:

"O people: your lives and your property and your honour are inviolable to each other."
Yet we take lives for property and in the name of honour.
Lets beat this heat and hatred by accepting people for what they are.