Thursday, September 3, 2015

lets keep the spirit alive

Dedicated to my grandparents

“I have accepted the fact that they are no longer there as a person - but their spirit will live forever! And as such, the body is not what I’m attached to; I’m attached to the spirit of a person. The question is how can I attach myself to a body full of weakness if the great spirit of goodness lives on forever! I have learned that acceptance makes us live a happy life and reality is not always a fairytale.”(Mike Horn)

People do leave us..but they within us..
Some live as courage and strength..
Some as unconditional love..
Some as generosity ..
And some with their liveliness and optimism.
We just have to keep the spirit alive somehow!..
When you are left with no grandparents..half of the world seems to end.
But we might be able to keep their spirit alive… if we pass on the unconditional love they introduce us to.
No one in the world can make you feel as special as your grandparents do..but we can  keep the spirit alive by making people  believe that there is something special about them.
We can keep the spirit alive by limitless forgiveness to keep each member of the family together.
We can keep the spirit alive by covering and hiding each other’s shortcomings  and appreciating the goodness which surely lies within everyone.