Friday, January 11, 2013


You will never be bored but you will always be amused. Every little thing is a struggle in Pakistan which demands time and effort. The more smaller the problem, the more time and effort requirement. The more time consuming struggles include Petrol/CNG filling, understanding the logic behind inverse proportion of availability of electricity and electricity bills and last but not the least , FIR.
My apartment  is located in an army housing scheme. Two guards sit beside the gate behind the barriers. All the masis have an ID card without which they cannot pass.  Yet,It was robbed in the broad day light.
Day 1:  Police and security personals from two other organizations arrive at the crime scene. Try to find finger prints. No success. No FIR.
Day 2: Chehlum. Police has other duties to perform No FIR.
(News Flash: Shahzeb’s family having  a hard time registering the case owing to political pressure coming from other end) . Should I even try for a FIR?
Day 3:Application has to be submitted at the local police chowki. Inspector’s had to go to the court. The main police station cannot do anything yet. No FIR.
Day: 4:   The inspector had duties last  night. He didn’t show up. No FIR.
Day 5:Application finally submitted and forwarded to the main police station.( Witnesses might have forget everything by now.)
Day 6: FIR cannot be registered without SHO. SHO not on duty. No FIR.
Day 7: SHO still on unknown duties. An officer from FIA intervenes.SHO informs to pick up the FIR  next morning.(The robber might have sold the jewelry and spent the cash)
Day 8: A confirmation phone call is made  before the daily visit to the police station to avoid disappointments. The SHO after being told of  a  reference tells on the phone that FIR can be picked any time(in a ‘at your service’ style). The visit is not a big surprise. The staff at the station asks to come the next day. No FIR!
(News Flash: The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) of the capital police busted an eight-member gang of robbers on Tuesday. Five members of the gang turned out to be the children of serving police officials.)
Day 9: The robber plans for the next lottery? Yes? No? Whatever but no  FIR.