Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A 21 gun salute for all women around the world (and some men)

This post is for women who have inspired ,lead, loved and shaped me directly or indirectly.
For my mothers, sister, aunts,teachers,friends,collegues
For all the malalas, muniba mazaris,mukhtarmais ,sharmeens
This is my 21 gun salute to women all around the world for
1.       For rising up strongly every time they break.
2.       For reading by magic, the heart, the  mind and unspoken words
3.       For multitasking each and every day. They can cook, read, teach, wash dishes at the same time without saying ‘ How can I listen?… I am cooking ‘(Not all men.. because rest of them do not cook;))
4.       For not only multitasking but multi-hearing too.(Is that a word? I seriously think it should be).Listening to five people at the same time and the very next second registering the complaints of not paying enough attention.
5.       For accepting to forgive thousands of times with a smile (ok and sometimes with rolling eyes)  
6.       For being the strongest pillar of strength God has made.
7.       For listening to the same story tenth time with the same awe and excitement
8.       For encouraging others even when her own feet falter with fear
9.       For being the last one to sleep.. making sure every one has been fed and read
10.   For being the unpaid Sunday worker happily
11.   For expression of her love in thousands of ways which might be taken for granted but that doesn’t make her stop.
12.   For comforting ,uplifting and  cheering
13.   For having the gift of giving
14.   For possessing a heart that melts even for those who make her cry
15.   For appreciating others while going unappreciated herself most of the times
16.   For being the sun who light up the sky  
17.   For managing and conforming to the values of two different families at the same time
18.   For radiating positive energy
19.   For practicing ‘ others first’ without realizing
20.   For agreeing to kill with a rolling eye instead of a gun and signing a peace deal merely with a glass of cold coffee .
21.   And one of course for men who encourage ,support ,give space and most of all give respect to women.

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