Monday, March 13, 2017

Not Diamonds... adventures are forever.

So they say…“Do not believe them, go see it” I had never thought that I would instantly fall in love with Peshawar! This place has so much history attached to it...the hospitality is heartwarming and it is much more developed than our capital city. It was certainly one of the most amazing travelling experiences. Our visit included The Afghsanistan border at Torkham, beautiful but neglected Mahabat Khan mosque in Peshawar, the historic Khyber- rifles (also where Princess Diana stayed on her visit to peshawar) the famous charsi Tikka hotel Amazing dances and much more. There are so many different colors of human nature we observed. The weirdness (# the arrested tree) Beauty (#MahabatKhan Mosque with amazing intricate patterns) The brutality which makes you shiver with horror (#taimurLane tunnel filled with razors and blade to kill the prisoners by sliding them through this ) and The hospitality despite of language barriers (#amazing qahwas, amazing and welcoming smiles).Diamonds adventures are forever .

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