Monday, February 7, 2011

Are we different?

How proudly we declare ourselves to be different from others. But actually we are made up of all those, we differentiate ourselves from.
Emotions,  behavior ,  attitudes do not shape us. We are made up of people. People who have loved us, people we have loved and people we hate.  Those are all part of us. They leave their marks on us. A particular word or phrase used by someone, a small gesture, facial expressions like biting our lips while in deep thinking , winking in jolly moods or sitting with  a special posture. We adopt it consciously and most of the time unconsciously. It becomes our part.
They all form us; people who make us strong; who inspire us, who let us down, who make us laugh, who break us and tear us apart. Yes, they all mold us and yet we think we are different from all these people?
How an attitude, a joke, place or even a word remind us of someone we might have once met.
People change us . They become our part and they make us different!

by Sahar Syed

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