Monday, February 7, 2011

The uncontrollable laughter

I remember the time vividly when everything was so uncontrolled ..the first and foremost….laughter!How I miss it today! unintentional and uncontrolled. Little things and  most of the time even  nothing a-bit-funny would trigger a hysterical and wild laugh .It was so difficult to stop laughing! I just couldn’t help myself in those situations.
It might be the age-factor. We know so little about the world. We have a world of our own at that age. Most of the fellows at schools were like that. Laughing over nothing. A school-teacher used to scold us and  said:’ Only insane people laugh without any reason. Are you mad?’ Were we? If we were...why I miss that madness!?!Today I can react to a funny situation with  just a smile. When I laugh there is something missing .I know what. I can control it anytime I want.
Although very satisfied  and happy with life  I miss that long durations of uncontrolled laughter that never seemed to end….how much we tried. It was so hard to talk during these bursts of laughter I miss it terribly!     

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