Monday, February 7, 2011

Summers of 69

There was almost no traffic on the roads. More than half of the country  was  glued to the television sets  in comfort of their homes. No. They were not watching a severe traffic jam caused by some long march of masses in black coats. They were waiting for ‘ Dhoop kinare’  a pure entertainment drama serial. After an arduous day the’ just what the doctor ordered’  kind of humorousness  was always calming.
It was some time long ago. So long that I  could have used the term ‘ once upon a time’  .
The technology has advanced so much so why not humor?
We have sure made a giant leap in this field. Now , humor is making hoax bomb calls to scare the already scared stiff masses. Humor is publicly expressing how badly we need to hug somebody for their gorgeousness. Humor is calling rescue teams, wasting efforts and time just out of good humor.
Everything has changed drastically. Humor shifted  from plays to politics. Dramas have been transformed into politics. (Saas plotting against bahu , bahu playing the role of a perfect witch). The only dramas left for us to watch is  politics in which professional criminals , beasts ,villains , witches and dacoits  play the roles of noble men and women.
Alas , humor has  lost all its charisma

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  1. You are right Sahar. To catch up with this old feeling of good humor I still see those olden days TV dramas. I am amazed by the shallowness that has been thrown in our faces each day today. Can you even call that humor; it seems and sounds like fall of human beings.
    And yes for everything we have politics of our country. I myself only watch news at 9 pm on TV. Oh God! What is wrong with everything?