Monday, February 7, 2011

A page from the diary of a suicide bomber

Title: Brain-washed
Location: Pool of blood
Time: Last breath
I just realized how quickly perceptions can change .But contrary to what people say ( ‘it is never too late’) it WAS too late. Just few minutes ago I was proudly dying as a martyr. I was part of a ‘revolution’.
A revolution which was supposed to wipe out the evils from this society .
I was amazed how blind we are to the angle by which we can see things other than what we actually perceive.
In those last moments I saw blood.
I saw school children whose life ended with me..because of me.
I saw limbs, hands, legs everywhere.
I saw lifeless breadwinners. Their eyes asked me countless questions: ‘Who will support our family?’ , ‘Will they die of hunger?’
I had no answers!  I had devoted my life for Jihad. THIS ..was an assumption. Jihad could not possibly mean this.
Lives of so many innocent civilians would mean nothing to the merchants of this country. They will continue to bomb their own country. They would keep their mouth shut over continuous attacks on their soil. They would keep licking feet of world-powers even if they drive them to stone age.
This suicide attack had been a  grueling decision but now seemed nothing but futile.  Only if I had realized sooner !!

by Sahar Syed

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