Monday, February 7, 2011

Love story 2011-Qadri and his beloved

Her beauty had charmed so many. Ever since a lover had built a monument for her by killing thousands of people , she was getting famous. Countless admirers had laid down their lives on her name.
Who does not like being loved? But for some reason she was feeling suffocated. They were all too possessive. Each one of them could kill others for her. ‘They kill for love, how can I except love from them?’
Just when she was pondering over this , she heard some gunshots. She rushed to the window. Her new admirer had gunned down someone for her sake. She was dumbfounded. All the blood shed on her name? So many lovers but not one of them ready to listen to her perception of love?
She started feeling uncomfortable. She needed fresh air. Right then, there was a knock on the door. It was her new admirer to tell her what accomplishment has he made in her devotion.

For the first time she hated love. Seeing his smile made her lose control. She started shouting:
‘We can not be together anymore! I thought love meant peace, for you it means blood.
For me, its acceptance and endurance. For you its intolerance.
I thought love makes you smile. You proved it can make someone die.
Loves makes us feel good about ourselves. You all make me loathe myself.’
She slammed the door on his face. She had refused to be possessed. He was dumbfounded.
 His triumph was now futile.

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