Monday, February 7, 2011


Why are we leading our lives in the mute-mode. We see each and everything, we are aware of whatever is happening around us. We see but do nothing about it. We can accept a well known notorious criminal of international fame  as our head. We can  accept constant intrusion on our homeland. We accept endless  killings on our soul by our own army. Do we truly accept all this? We do not! But seeing and not resisting means acceptance of our defeat .
 Do we need a revolution ? A revolution in which the masses will finally break their silence and cure their indifference? Will we ever grab our right to be heard .?

By sahar syed

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  1. It’s because it’s easy to do that; it’s because it’s effortless. To revolt, to break free, to build, to construct our own lives needs effort, a painful constant effort. It asks for sacrifices, huge ones and we as a nation are not ready to sacrifice though in the end we are giving our each day and living each moment of life as meaningless as can be. We are already defeated Sahar, by our own attitude towards life by our own priorities and by our hypocrisy towards each and everything life has to offer. The question do we need a revolution does not even need an answer. We do, we badly do but who will start it; you or me? Who will? This is question to be asked. Masses are us Sahar but we have become a mob with no direction.